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Executive Committee (2020-2023)

Rickey Watts


Rickey having successfully delivered on several of his mandates in his first term of office as BBA President looks to build on his previous objective. In his second term as President, he will continue to look for ways to make the BBA financially solvent again so it can implement and develop quality programs for the youth and national team programs of Bermuda. He continues to solidify relationships with both the Ministry of Youth & Sport and the Bermuda Olympic Association.

Joshua Nesbitt



This is Joshua's second time as a member of the Executive Committee. He was Secretary-General from 2012-2016. As Vice-President, his main role is to assist the President in the execution of his duties; and also to preside, in the absence of the President, at all General Meetings of the Executive Committee. However, he has volunteered to be in charge of all Domestic League/Events. 

tim trott.jpg
Tim Trott


Tim is no stranger to the BBA Executive Committee. From 1994-2009, he served on the Executive Committee on/off for 12 years in every capacity except for Treasurer. He brings a wealth of knowledge attained over the years as a Committee member, an International coach and as a certified IAABO Official. 

Tommy Johnson


Tommy Johnson.jpg

Tommy returns as BBA Treasurer, a position he has held for over 15 years. He continues to monitor the funds going in and out of the BBA accounts. His knowledge and experience as a BBA Executive member has proven invaluable over the years.

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