Executive Committee

Rickey Watts


Rickey brings a fresh, optimistic approach in his first term as President of the BBA. His main objective in the first year of his term is to make the BBA financially solvent again so it can implement and develop quality programs for the youth and national team programs of Bermuda.


Lamumba Tucker


This is Lamumba's first time as a member of the Executive Committee. As Vice-President, his main role is to assist the President in the execution of his duties;

and also to preside, in the absence of the President, at all General Meetings of the Executive Committee. However, he has volunteered to be on both the Domestic League/Events Committee and the International Affairs Committee (IAC). 

Tommy Johnson


Tommy returns as BBA Treasurer, a position he has held for over 11 years. He continues to monitor the funds going in and out of the BBA accounts. His knowledge and experience as a BBA Executive member has proven invaluable over the years.

Cecil Hendrickson

General Secretary

Cecil's dedication to local Basketball started as a family affair when his nephew needed a Coach for his team. Many years later during a conversation, he was challenged by a sitting BBA president that if he had any ideas about local Basketball, he should take a post on the Executive Committee and meet the challenge. In 2012, he did just that becoming the Vice-President serving under that same president. This term, he serves as the BBA's General Secretary.


He is the Organizer of the Elite City League (ECL) the first to introduce a draft league. He doesn't do this for accolades. He loves Basketball and wants to see it grow to a place in Bermuda it has never been before. Stay tuned because it only gets bigger and better from here !!!

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